C07 Cedral lap to 3 gable ends on a bungalow in Ashton

C07 cedral lap
 Location: Ashton, Cornwall
 Date: November, 2019

Our installers at R and R Fascias have just finished installing some c07 cedral lap to a bungalow in Ashton. The customer wanted the gable ends reduced so that they wouldn’t need to go up a ladder and paint them any more. Our installers placed 50 x 38 battens against the wall at 600 centres ready for the starter trims and perforated enclosures. Then the c07 cedral lap was installed using stainless steel screws and dpc on any joints. The customer chose the colour as they felt it was the only one that would match the rosewood fascias and soffits that they had in place. Next up painting the bungalow to match. The customer is very happy with the outcome as are we.

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