C15 Cedral cladding at Tolvaddon Camborne

Top half if the house in C15 Cedral Cladding

C15 cedral Lap cladding Tolvadon Camborne Cornwall.

 Location: Tolvadon Camborne Cornwall
 Date: September, 2019

We have this week finished installing some c15 Cedral cladding to a property in Tolvadon Camborne. We had to remove all the old hung tiles from the property and then install 25mm celotex insulation. Once this was done we installed a breathable membrane and 50 x 38 battens. Once complete we could install the new c15 Cedral cladding with stainless steel screws along with all the cedral trims and enclosures.

Our customer is very happy and neighbours in the area have contacted us to quote the same for them. ?

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