Capping white fascias and hollow soffit installed in Truro

finished white capping fascias
 Location: Truro, Cornwall
 Date: September, 2019

Our installers at the end of the summer finished this customers house in Truro installing white capping fascias, hollow soffits and white half round gutter and down pipes.

We removed the old guttering and made sure the wood was in good order ready for the capping fascias. The roofer removed the roof tiles and installed over fascia vents and new felt trays. At this point we could install a pick up batten for the hollow soffit. Then we trimmed the fascia to the size of the wood fascia and drilled pilot holes for fascia nails. Once the hollow soffit was in place we installed the white capping fascia.

The bay window needed us to remove the wooden shiplap and fit a breathable membrane and install white 150mm replacement shiplap.

Also installed was white half round guttering and down pipes. This was installed with stainless steel screws. then the team siliconed the soffit against the wall and up the fascias on the gable ends.

The customer was very happy with the look of the roofline.

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