Flat Roofing Repair in Helston

 Location: Helston
 Date: August, 2017

In August, we received a call from Mr Smith in Helston telling us how he had asked a flat roof company to come round and do a GRP flat roof over his kitchen extension.
They agreed a price and the company arranged a time to start the roof.
After a couple of days of this company doing the flat roof Mr Smith decided to ask a few questions about the roof they was doing.
Mr Smith felt that the job wasn’t looking right to him or his sons.
You will see from the photos he was right to feel like the job wasn’t going well.
At one point when the company had removed the old felt roof and laid the new OSB the customer asked why the new boards were not level.
The company said the beams below would need to be removed for the boards to be level.
To correct this they would require another £900.
Mr Smith agreed and they went away and come back with some 4 x 2 Timber to make tapered firrings.
They laid these straight onto the old 6 x 1 roof.
At this point the customers son who works in the building trade said that this was not good enough and asked that they correct it.
The company said they was unhappy and walked away leaving them with no roof.
Mr Smith and his wife were leaving for Spain in five days time.
When I removed the work they did I was shocked.
One thing I noticed was that the screws for the tapered firrings was screwed down to the old roof boards and below was mains cables that they could not see.
Today we have finished the roof and the customers sons will be doing the tile cladding to cover the up stands. The customer is now in Spain happy in the knowledge that his roof is water tight and safe. ?? Also a big thank you to james for putting in the overtime.

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