White replacement fascias, soffits and white half round guttering installed in Penryn, Cornwall.

Eurocell 18mm full replacement fascias, soffits and guttering in white, installed in Penryn
 Location: Penryn, Cornwall
 Date: April, 2023

This property in Penryn had the original wood fascias, soffits and old plastic guttering on the house and our installers removed the old roofline, they installed a new nog system to take the new fascias and soffits and installed over fascias vents and felt trays.Installed Eurocell 18mm white replacement fascias and soffit. Then installed new white half round guttering and down pipes. The roof line on this property now has a roofline that is up to date with any new house that has followed the building regulations ie: new fascia vents and felt rays to support the existing felt. Another happy customer.

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